Master Class

Prof. dr. Thomas Bäck


Next Master Class: November 29, 15.30, room 407-409
All new master class students, please register here!
All thesis topic presentations are available in zip format below and in the google group.

Course description

The master class for computer science students in the second year of their master studies takes place every second week and is a mandatory class for all master students who are in their second year, i.e., in their research year (research project and master thesis).

The master class aims at stimulating active interaction of students with their classmates, discussing open problems, issues, etc., and helping master students to stay on track. Each student is asked to give two brief presentations in the master class about their work, namely one presentation in the beginning of their Master Thesis work about the research topic and goals, and one presentation towards the end of their Thesis work about the status and (expected) results. In addition, we will discuss topics such as the structure of a master thesis and writing scientific publications.

The master class is of course also open to LIACS staff members and to the thesis supervisors.


The master class takes place approximately biweekly. All sessions are scheduled for Wednesdays, 15:30 - 17:15, in room 407-409.

  • 06.09.2017: Welcome and introduction to the Master Class.
  • This class will cover two main topics:

    1. Finding projects (research project and master's thesis project). Project topics are offered and presented by researchers.

    2. Planning of the second year, including:

      a. Typical contents of project and master's thesis

      b. Graduation process and graduation planning

      c. Evaluation criteria and evaluation form for the master thesis

      d. Advice for finding projects

  • 20.09.2017: Thesis topic presentations part 2
  • 04.10.2017: Student presentations and discussion

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